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Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a maintenance emergency?


Any immediate threat to life or property is considered a maintenance emergency.


What should I do in an emergency?


In case of fire or flood or other major emergencies, please dial 911. Other maintenance emergencies can be reported to our 24 hour maintenance emergency line at 714-322-8228.


Will I get charged if I call for maintenance?


You will only be charged for maintenance if the issue you are calling about is something you caused. Example: Garbage disposal is not working and we find a large volume of potato peels inside. This would be charged back to the tenant.


Who do I call if I loose my keys or lock myself out of my home?


If this happens during Hallmark Property Management business hours, you can call the office. If we have a copy of your key we will let you make a copy of it. We don’t guarantee the key will work as these keys are likely to be copies of copies thus reducing their quality. If you are locked out when Hallmark Property Management is not open you can call a locksmith to let you in. If for any reason you change your locks, please send a copy to Hallmark Property Management.


How long are your leases?


All leases are for a minimum of one year unless otherwise noted.


When does my lease with Hallmark Property Management expire?


If you are trying to find out when your lease expires you need to look at the TERM section of your Hallmark Property Management lease.


Why do I need renters insurance?


Tenants need to acquire renter insurance to cover many liabilities that they are exposed to. Renters are responsible for everything that happens inside their rental unit or on their rented property. Here are some examples of why you should have renters insurance. A flood destroys all your personal property. A neighbor throws a ball through your window. A criminal steals your personal belongings. A fire burns down your unit. A friend hurts themselves in your property and sues you.


Who do I call if I smell gas?


If you think you have a gas leak, please call Southern California Gas Company at their emergency phone number 1-800-427-2200 or your local utility company.


How do I reset a garbage disposal?


Most garbage disposals have a reset button. You can use this button to reset the garbage disposal. An Allen wrench is needed to reset others. Please make sure to keep your hands out of the garbage disposal at all times and the breaker is off for the disposal.


What is a GFCI Switch, and how do you reset it?


GFCI outlets are usually placed by sinks, bathtubs, hot tubs, spas, Jacuzzis or water sources. If the GFCI is tripped, you can lose power to a whole room or part of the house. You can reset the GFCI to restore power. The GFCI outlet has a test button and a reset button. If the outlet is working correctly, you can press the test button and the outlet will be shut down until you press the reset button. The test button should be tested monthly to insure it is working correctly.